Posted by: Always Agi | September 3, 2010

Loving Life in Florida

Florida, the sunshine state has struggled these past few years with the clouded anomaly of the real estate market. Rated 3rd in the US for distressed sales, Floridians have suffered with foreclosures, short sales and a loss of jobs. Fortunately out of all negative comes positive. The distressed sales now make it affordable again for retirees.  Sarasota Florida, was rated one of the top places to retire on CBS Money Watch and the average cost of of a home makes it affordable for young families to tap into the American Dream of owning a home.

Florida is not just about Disney and the millions of people mesmorized by Mickey Mouse. What       about Ernest Hemingway’s love for the Florida Keys , Edison and Ford had winter homes in Ft Myers, and Henry Flagler also left behind a legacy with his vision of the rail way system that went all the way down to Key West. It collapsed in a sever hurricane in 1935.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who live to be 108, helped Americans fall in love with the Everglades, the article in National Wildlife shares the story of this amazing woman who was a pioneer of preservation for what was considered to be swamp lands.

It’s easy to love life in Florida ! I am dedicated to help our state thrive again, it’s why I started Loving Life in Florida and Florida Fun Vacations. I want visitors and potential buyers to get acquainted with all the fabulous attributes of Florida. So many places to see and enjoy. Take a moment now, post a comment and let us know what you love about Florida!



  1. Agi, I bow to you! Only the fun loving, nature passionate, live to love life are those that completely embrace Florida. I love that it’s not ostentacious. One can go practically anywhere in shorts. I am from St Petersburg and there’s no other place like it in the world. This town is not burdened with concrete masses to house retail stores. Rather, homes are charmingly converted to supply commercial demands.

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