Posted by: Always Agi | October 2, 2009

Thoughts about . . . On-line Lingo and More

Remember when cookies meant a delightful treat, delicious was something yummy and bookmarks were a trinket you could buy at Barnes & Noble. Learning Internet lingo demands time, effort and energy, it’s like having a part-time job, thank god for Google search. The social media mania is not something to be ignored. I remember when I was first invited to join LinkedIn and politely refused the invitation a couple years ago, gosh had a signed on then, I would have thousands of connections. Then of course facebook was all the rage and “what the heck is You Tube,” I asked my young teen aged son, who is now a second year college student. I have twollow who, to tweet what? I read the article about Twitter three times before I had a remote understanding of what this 140 character entry was suppose to do. RSS feeds, blogs, vlogs, friend feeds and we’re just at the tip of the ice berg. BTW – spam is not the delicacy of that fine canned what ever. Internet marketers bombard our email hoping we’ll suck up their latest ploy with their promise to make millions on the Internet. Have I been sucked it, how could I not, they make everything sound so simple with just signing up with Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Yes, it’s in the fine print that they’ll be charging your credit card on a monthly basis. It’s a new world my friend, oh wait are we friends in facebook yet?



  1. I think the challenge for many agents is that they see a lot of the things you mentioned as a waste of time. Meanwhile they spend much of their working hard and not smart. If an agent would spend as much time learning about some of these great new mediums as they do just messing around in the mls how quickly they could catch up. It is refreshing to see you really embracing and enjoying tech and I hope others will “follow”(pun intended).

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