Posted by: Always Agi | September 30, 2009

Who Is Agi @ A1A?

So who is AgiatA1A? Like everyone one else it starts when I was born . . . in Hungary in a time of communist turmoil. My parents escaped in 1956 during the revolution. My dad carried me hundreds of miles to languish in the land freedom. When I was five, I became a citizen through my mom, the US was just coming off the cusp of McCarthyism and prejudice was evident everywhere. Being a proud man, my dad suffered severely. He was already an emotional mess with baggage that followed from living in war torn times his entire life. Unfortunately anti-depressants were not trendy and he had no ability to cope. My parents divorced when I was eight, too much pressure in an unfamiliar culture. I lived with my dad, which looking back in retrospect was a poor choice. I was so strong willed, there was no way my mom could sway me. I dug my heels in and refused to leave my dad, who was so obviously broken. I proceeded to yo, yo back and forth between my parents and became what is referred to as a difficult child and a rebellious teen. I fast became an American brat, took way too much for granted and had no connection to my roots. My mother with all her wisdom took me to Hungary when I graduated from high school, it was still a very communist country. The experience permanently changed my perspective and I came back to the USA a humble young lady. I married the first time for the wrong reasons and divorced after five years. Needless to say all the crap from being a kid caught up with me and I laid on the couch a number of years sorting out a misunderstood life. My husband of 26 years came with two beautiful girls when we married, we gave them two wonderful brothers. In all our years of marriage we have had ups, downs, in betweens and two sabbaticals. We survived the death of our daughter and the tragedy of loss. I tell you all this because so many experiences make up a life. I am able to say what many think about, but are afraid to speak. I have thoughts about so many issues and a desire to share what’s worked and what hasn’t, what’s good and not so good. I am AgiatA1A and I have something to say, perhaps you’ll listen


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